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Parkway Avenue is an indie pop band out of Alpine Utah. Formed in 2017 by the original members Noah Paterson, Kael Higbee, and Lance Devitt. They started playing covers and quickly started writing their own music. In 2018 they recorded their first two singles “Teenage Life Style” and “I Take Reign”. From there, they continued to write and refine their musical chops and wrote nine new songs and released their debut album “Row Your Own Boat”. This first album was released in February of 2019.


Their first video off their debut album was “Apparitions” and their second video was “Happy to Be With You”, both demonstrating their ability to write and perform at a high level for such a young band.


To round out their sound and add more talent to the group they added Kendall Jamison in 2019.


This summer the band will be touring locally in the Utah area and spending more time in the studio recording more original songs and making a few more video’s. Parkway Avenue is committed to being the best band possible and takes their music seriously and would welcome you to join them on their journey.


// lead singer/ guitar


Noah Patterson is from Alpine, Utah. While playing Rock Band on his Xbox with his older brothers, he was bitten by the musical bug. He got his first electric guitar in 8th grade and instantly formed a Jr High band with his best friends (Kael and Lance). After constant practice in the garage, over a hundred hours in the studio and after many gigs Noah’s love for music has only grown.  He is more passionate than ever about writing, recording, and sharing his Parkway Avenue tunes with those willing to listen.


// guitar/keyboard/ vocals


Kendall grew up in Orem Utah from a family of 8. From a young age of taking piano lessons, Kendall has always had the creativity of writing his own music. Having perfect pitch and awesome teachers, he fell in love with writing music. When Kendall was ten years old he picked the guitar and started playing and liking all kinds of music from hard rock to jazz. Kendall made it his goal to join a good original band. After years of searching and meeting musicians, he found Parkway Avenue.


// bass


Kael grew up in Alpine Utah in a small family with 2 brothers and 1 sister. Ever since Kael was a kid he has been exposed to rock and roll. He first picked a guitar when he was 10 years old and decided to play bass when entering the 7th grade, when he joined the orchestra even though he didn’t get a bass guitar until he was 14, he decided to make that his signature instrument. To this day he still plays the bass and enjoys music.


// drums/ vocals


Lance Devitt was raised in alpine Utah. Ever since he was little he wanted to play the drums and always found pots, pans and trash cans to make drum sets out of. Over the past few years Lance has really gained a love and passion for playing and writing music. Lance found Noah and Keal during middle school, He heard that they wanted to create a band and they said to all their friends, “whoever has a drum set first gets to be the drummer”. He then went out and got one right away. Lance has enjoyed playing with the band and is excited about the future.